I had the pleasure to travel up to Mendocino National Forest to help usher my friend Nikhil, Nikhizzle to those who know him best, into the throws of marriage. Eleven of us drove up to Lake Pillsbury, about an hour North East of Ukiah, California. The final stretch of road is unpaved, so you can rest assured that we were pretty well removed from the luxuries of the modern age. We couldn’t even get a signal to check our email. Crazy, I know! Actually, the excuse to unplug was quite welcomed. The group consisted of a great group of guys, most of them from the SF bay area.

Here’s some of the highlights below. Check out all the pictures on Flickr.

We spent the majority of the trip sitting around the campsite, catching up. Our campsite for the first night was along a creek but pretty close to a bunch of motocross dudes.

Chilling by the campfire...

We sat some more...

Nikki was pretty chilled before too long...

We decided to set out to find a better campsite. However, Niki really wanted to drive that VW bus…

Ride the bus!

…and Tom graciously agreed to ride on the roof. That’s a great idea!

Fun in first gear. Quite the ride.

We eventually found the lake and got a better idea of the gorgeous landscapes we missed on the drive in the night before.

With camp moved to the lake, we could tend to more important things. You know, like… horseshoes!

We pooled our efforts and made light work of all the work necessary to run camp. Watch that ax buddy!

Nice doggie. Go easy on Peter.

On the way back to reality, one more stop was necessary. Amazing.

View the whole set of pictures on Flickr.